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article schema ammortizzatore en 10 reasons to choose PARTEX shock absorbers and the distinctive characteristics which it is important to know:


1. Over 25 components are used involving 10 different processing stages.

2. Spheroidal cast-iron guide with heightened resistance to shocks and wear.

3. Sinterized metal piston guarantees precision, quality, strength and resistance.

4. Limited welding between stem and silent-block sections in order to improve endurance.

5. Optimal oil flow through the sinterized metal valve assembly.

6. High-quality oil with a high viscosity index.

7. High and low speed testing checking endurance and behaviour over long periods of operation.

8. Reliability and product safety by certified production processes and cutting-edge technology.

9. PARTEX SPECIAL shock absorbers strengthened with a 20mm diameter stem to enhance solidity, performance and ability to cope
with greater loads than other products available on the market.

10. Strict suppliers selection for first-rate materials, cost-effective and reliable production.