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Starting from the arrival of raw materials in our plant, during all the processing steps and tests, until the final products leave the site to the end user, each process follows strict quality criteria in order to ensure the highest standards of reliability, endurance and safe handling .

PARTEX continuously works to improve the quality standards, from the choice of best raw materials to the timeliness of the courier wich will bring the shock absorbers to you, quickly and safely.

All manufacturing and assembly processes are subject to periodical analysis and updates in order to constantly improve the quality of the final products and to comply with the strict requirements of the Official Quality Certifications.

At the end of the production cycle each shock absorber is subjected to strict instrumentals tests to verify compliance with the benchmarks, and to functional and visual checks by the Test Department to ensure the right assembly of all components and to detect any flaws.

After testing, the shock absorbers are carefully packaged one by one in its box with the EASY PACKAGING criteria and then stored in the central PARTEX warehouse, waiting to be entrusted to the carrier for the delivery.


Production processes and warehouse management are ISO:9001 certified.


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